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Fundraising should be Fun as well. Let’s Funraise together. helps to save the lives of hospital patients and provide scholarship opportunities for orphans. supports humanitarian efforts for countries in need. We are proud to be the only free crowdfunding platform for social impact serving both individuals and charities all over the world.

El Pino 323

Chef D and Miss Korea will be kickstarting a scholarship fund for university scholarships for orphans seeking to go to culinary school. This scholarship is their way of giving back to the Korean community that has supported them all these years.

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Save Baby Vy from Leukemia

This campaign is a plea to help a Vietnamese family return back home with their daughter alive and well. Nguyet Tran Vy is a 7-year old Vietnamese girl diagnosed with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia (ALL) in February 2018. She initially received treatment in Vietnam, but it was not effective.

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Please Save My Brother-in-Law: Hoang Phuong

Hoang Phuong is my brother-in-law, who's from a small town named Thai Hoa town, Nghe An province, Vietnam. He currently works in Busan, Korea.He was hit in a serious car accident about 2 weeks ago that resulted in a terrible brain injury . He was recently admitted into the ICU at 한마음병원 in Busan and is undergoing treatment.

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Khani - Show Your Support for Orphans in Korea!

Hey guys! I created this campaign page to raise awareness for Oak Tree Project which helps create scholarships for orphans in South Korea.

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Asian Boss x KLC: Support  Eldery of Korea

At Asian Boss, we strive to bring you the most authentic insight into the happenings around Asia. We've collaborated with GIVE.korea and the Korean Legacy Committee (KLC) to bring awareness to the issues that face Korea’s elderly population.

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Music Meets Heart

Can you tell us about you and Music Meets Heart? I am a community music facilitator and a member of Asian Dignity Initiative, a nonprofit in Korea. I received my training from Musicians Without Borders in 2015.Music Meets Heart will bring music to children and teachers in the Rohingya refugee camp for creating an environment of safety for supporting the resilience of the refugee community.

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Help Morgane raise money for Angel's House

Donating is really simple and secure, plus the platform Give.Korea is made by a very nice group of people who support Angel House personally. The money will directly go to Angel's House and you can follow the accounting on the official Facebook page:

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I want to show our Elders that WE CARE

Hi, I'm a student who want to help the Church Baffor-Dail, located in Cheong-ryang-ri, the North end of Seoul. It’s a non-profit organization for the povertized elders and homeless people. Mrs. Lee Geum-sun collects paper for the living costs, but it will only give 1250won($1.12) after long labor. The free meal from the church is her only meal for a day.

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